The entire application process is quite laborious and time-consuming. The plaster is applied with chaotic strokes, thanks to which the necessary effect is achieved – a picture of a natural stone. Depending on the desired results, the number of layers can vary from two or more. The depth of the pattern will depend on the number of layers.

For work use a spatula. To apply the material to hard-to-reach places, a small spatula may be required. In order not to scratch the surface during application, the tool is periodically cleaned of the dried particles with a damp cloth.

The background is the first layer, which should be smooth and thin. When the first layer dries, proceed to applying a second further third. To create a certain pattern, it is necessary to apply strokes with chaotic and jerky movements.

The third layer is also applied by single jerky strokes, paying special attention to all irregularities and filling them. To the surface became smooth and glossy, it is necessary to smooth it with a spatula, until the plaster has not had time to dry. The plaster is rubbed into the surface with great effort, gradually weakening it as the gloss appears.

To provide additional protection and to obtain a mirror gloss, the surface can be treated with wax. It is applied with a thin layer of spatula or trowel. After completion, the surface is polished.